Language of proceedings

Act No. 500/2004 Coll., Code of Administrative Procedure, as amended, in Section 16 Language of the procedure provides that communication within the procedure under this Code shall be carried out and documents executed in the Czech and/or Slovak language.


Relevant part of Section 16 "Language of the procedure":

(1) Communication within the procedure shall be carried out and documents executed in the Czech language. Parties to the procedure may also communicate and file submissions in the Slovak language.

(2) Documents executed in a foreign language shall be submitted by the party to the procedure in the original version and, concurrently, in an officially attested translation to the Czech language, unless the administrative authority informs the party to the procedure that such translation is not required. Such declaration may be made by the administrative authority also on its official notice board for an indefinite number of future procedures.

(3) Every person who declares that he/she does not speak the language of the procedure shall have the right to have an interpreter entered on the list of interpreters; he/she shall use the interpreter's services at his/her own expense. In procedures regarding an application, the applicant who is not a citizen of the Czech Republic, shall arrange for the services of an interpreter at his/her own expense, unless the law specifies otherwise. *

(* in this point the Code of Administrative Procedure refers to the Asylum Act No. 325/1999 Coll., as amended)